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The Healing Stages of Lip Blush You Should Know About

So you're considering Lip Blush tattooing but you're concerned about the healing phase and how to work around your new tattoo and daily life. With No Filter Beauty's advanced techniques, quality of pigments and tools, you can expect your downtime to be minimal to none. Initial healing takes 3-4 days and your final colour will be fully settled at the 6 week mark.

Continue reading for an overview on what to expect during the Lip Blush Healing Process:

Day 1

Immediately after your procedure, you may have swelling present. This is temporary! Swelling, if present, is due to the controlled trauma your lips have just undergone - you just received a tattoo. While we cannot determine who will and won't swell, we can assure you that swelling lasts around 24-48 hours post-treatment.

To minimise swelling post-treatment, keep your head elevated, sleep with your head propped with an extra pillow, avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours, apply a cool pack to the affected area when necessary.

Your lips will appear bright and bold. The colour of your lips at the completion of your appointment is not the colour they will heal to. Rest assured your lips will fade and settle around 30-40%. Your artist provides a thorough consultation with you prior to tattooing your lips to understand your goals, concerns and the results you are after.

Asymmetry: Day 1 swelling can potentially create the illusion of asymmetry. Do not panic. Your pre-draw is the shape we follow and this will be visible to you once swelling subsides.

Bruising: If present, bruising will only last from a few hours to 24hours.

Oozing: Some clients may experience oozing of lymph fluid temporarily. This is a normal part of wound healing and should last no more than 3 hours. Blot off as instructed and follow with your recommended aftercare product.

Tenderness/Sensitivity: Pain after your procedure is very rare and uncommon. However your lips may feel tender - similar to the feeling of sunburn. Avoid spicy/salty foods, skincare products with active ingredients (AHA's, glycolic acids etc) and remain vigilant with your aftercare ointment.

Day 2

Swelling may be more present in the morning, however will begin to dissipate significantly during the day. By the afternoon, most, if not all swelling should return to normal levels.

The colour of your lips will still be considered quite bold - similar to the look of sheer lipstick. You may find the urge to balance out your look for the day with a light tinted moisturiser or concealer.

By the afternoon/evening, you may notice your lips beginning to feel a little tight and dry. Continue using your recommended aftercare gel in order to provide and lock moisture into the lips.

Day 3 - 5

This is when the dryness begins. While all clients are different and present different levels of dryness and peeling, most report the lips feeling like they are wearing 'layers of liquid lipstick' - a dry/powdery lip. It is important to ensure your lips are constantly moisturised during this period and to NOT pick at any flakes - this will pick off pigment and can create undesirable, patchy and uneven healed results.

Day 5 - 7

Your lips will have finished the peeling stage now and you can move on from the aftercare. There may be some light peeling remaining. If this is the case, please let the flakes come off on their own. The initial healing of your lips is now complete.

By now the colour will have faded significantly, but please be aware this is not the final result of your colour. Due to wound healing and pigment implantation, you will notice the colour of your lips changing and settling further over the next few weeks.

Day 10 - 30

Fading and blooming is an interesting part of the Lip Blush healing process. You may find your lips have faded too much, or potentially taken a slightly cooler or warmer tone - the opposite of what you wanted. This is all MILD, normal and part of the healing process. Around 14+ days in, your lips will begin to settle and the true colour begins to 'bloom'.

Day 30+

Blooming and colour changes are complete. Your lips and their colour are settled into the desired look discussed at your initial appointment. Life-changing lip tint = achieved!

At the 6+ week mark, you may choose to get a Touch-Up - this is where we add pigment to any areas which may not have taken colour, perfect the lips or even make slight colour adjustments if necessary.

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