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Is Lip Blush Safe During Pregnancy?

Can I get Lip Blush whilst pregnant or breast feeding? These are the two question we get asked a lot. Permanent makeup is a great time saver, that gives you a fresh faced, wide awake look that will leave you feeling confident as you go about your busy day. Whilst there is no known link to permanent makeup treatments having any negative effects during pregnancy, the answer to this question is ‘No’ I’m afraid.

It is strongly advised to wait after pregnancy and breastfeeding before permanent makeup or microblading (we advise to wait 3 months). Women’s immune system changes during pregnancy. These changes contribute to the success of the pregnancy and are generally thought to be caused by the many hormonal changes that occur while women are pregnant. With every tattooing procedure, there are potential side effects and risks.

With all the popularity of this treatment, no research has been conducted on the effect of pigment on the body of a future mother and a baby. However, the reasons why permanent makeup is not allowed during pregnancy and breastfeeding are:

  • Most cosmetic tattooists will use some form of anaesthetic and numbing cream prior and during procedures. These will absorb into the skin and may enter the blood stream

  • The skin is extremely sensitive while pregnant so the service would not be very comfortable

  • the probable possibility of bleeding or premature labour

  • the possible negative effect of the pigment composition on the development of the baby

  • the likely occurrence of allergic reactions due to changes in the hormonal background of the body

  • possible penetration of harmful substances into breast milk that can adversely affect a child

  • There is not enough known about the effects of tattoo pigment on the growing baby to ensure safety

Your body is going through so many changes and your hormones will be all over the place. Skin, hair, nails – all of these can be affected during pregnancy. Then there’s the issue of causing trauma to your skin and the fact your body would then have to focus on healing, whilst it really needs to be focusing on supporting you through your pregnancy.

When is a good time to have Lip Blush?

A good time to have lip blush done is either: three months after you’ve had your baby, if you are not breast feeding, or three months after you have finished breast feeding.

Three months will allow your hormones to settle and for your body to go through the initial recovery phase. The reason I recommend three months is because hormones can impact your skin quite significantly. Hormone imbalances can mean that your skin may be more oily / dry than usual, you may be experiencing breakouts and it’s very common for skin to be more sensitive too. In terms of Permanent Makeup treatments, you may experience poor retention or some strange colour changes! So, all in all, much better to wait!

If you are pregnant and you would like some help, then you are very welcome to come and see us for a consultation. It's always best to be cautious while being pregnant and or breastfeeding and just wait those extra few months.

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