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M.A.C Spiced Lip Liner - Your Favourite Shade

When it comes to consultations, we are never surprised when we get shown everyone's favourite: Spiced by M.A.C. It's that gorgeous pinky cinnamon tone which is flattering on just about everyone. While we are all out here looking for a dupe, have you ever considered the perfect custom blend for your skin tone? Perfectly adjusted to suit your complexion and a mixture which is just as individual as yourself?

Lip Blushing provides exactly that - a 'dupe' of your favourite lip stick or pencil, but perfectly adjusted to fit you perfectly. Additionally, you get all the benefits of lip blush tattoo: smudge-proof, waterproof, kiss proof lips to last you for years to come.

At No Filter Beauty, we always recommend our clients bring in an array of photos to their appointment, which display the look you would like to achieve and the types of colours you gravitate towards. Of course, if you are totally unsure and would like our professional opinion or guidance, we are totally happy to provide this as well.

Tools and Pigments

With our array of the highest quality tools and pigments on the market, you can rest assured your goals and favourite lip shades are achievable and lasting.

For artists and professionals, use our code NFB15 at for Tina Davies tools, products and courses for a 15% discount:

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